Black Ginseng 240g (Paste)


=> Stimulate brain activate – improve forgetfulness, absent-mindedness, especially in the elderly or people who work late at night

=> Reduce stress, fatigue, help you eat and sleep well, stay awake, focus on work.

=> Improve health, strengthen resistance, improve immune system to help restore physical strength for weak people, prevent many diseases for elderly.

=> Regulate blood pressure, reduce cardiovascular disease by inhibiting the increase of cholesterol in the blood, preventing the risk of atherosclerosis as well as the risk of diabetes.

=> Good liver detoxification, prevention of cirrhosis because of saponin Rg3

=> Prevent osteoporosis, enhance physiology and anti-aging skin, improve skin with acne, freckles, and melasma.

=> Preventing and supporting cancer treatment because of saponins or ginsenosides compounds in ginseng, as well as inhibiting the re-growth of free radical cells.

Start with a moderate dose (1/3 – 1/2 scoop) mixed with 250-500ml (8-16 oz) of warm water. Drink every morning & afternoon (can have a light meal before). Limit use in the evening. Should be 30-45 minutes away from medicine. 

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