About Us

Welcome to Venus Ginseng. The brand name Venus ginseng USA is an exclusive trademark in the USA. The black ginseng sold by Venus Ginseng is a Korean-produced black ginseng supplement. Developed and cared for by professionals, Korean black ginseng nourishes the health of Korean people throughout a thousand years of history. This Korean black ginseng is taking a step further to bring health to the whole world. Korean black ginseng is praised as a medicine that cures many diseases according to ancient Korean textbooks as well as Chinese medical classics and Japanese. best of all, black ginseng is also praised in a traditional Korean book and has been recognized as a world heritage.

Black ginseng from Venus Ginseng USA is considered the most health-promoting ingredient and has been studied for its effectiveness. In many different areas of research has shown that Venus Ginseng’s black ginseng is more concentrated and has a deeper aroma than other black ginsengs. Like all ginseng, Black ginseng from Venus Ginseng contains a large amount of ginsenoside can improve Immune system, reduce fatigue, enhance blood flow by preventing platelets, improve memory and treat menopause. In addition to ginsenoside, black ginseng also contains a variety of pharmacologically active ingredients such as nasaponine which has the effect of preventing the aging process.

Many studies have also proven that black ginseng contains a large amount of nutrients including Saponin, Panaxadiol, Panaxatriol and Oleanane. The above nutrients are also perfectly balanced in these herbs. Black ginseng is composed of coal, head and roots. Each of them contains more than thirty distinct parts of Ginsenoside with different flavors and effects. In addition, black ginseng also has immunosuppressive effects, improving blood sugar regulation and many useful medicinal properties that are hard to find in other medicinal herbs.

Black Ginseng enhances memory, improves concentration and prevents intellectual prolapse while improving liver function and helping to recover from fatigue. Black Ginseng with many nutrients is recognized as a high quality medicinal herb in Korea and countries around the world. In the USA, where many people have nutritional imbalances, black ginseng is supplemented with nutrients and used as a dietary product.

Venus Ginseng also produces a variety of skin care products, these products have many different uses and effects that are loved by a large number of customers. Venus Ginseng Company is doing its best to promote the effectiveness of its products. Venus Ginseng Company has been protecting the health of consumers with outstanding brand value. Venus Ginseng Company’s dream has the ability to expand globally. Help create a new and healthier future.