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Black Ginseng has higher Absorption Rate Compare to white or red ginseng, Body will absorb majority of ginsenoside contents. Black ginseng is used for health improving in different ways. Black ginseng benefits is not for your physical health it is also effective for your mental health. Check out our premium black ginseng selection

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Get the functional fuel you need to thrive from organic superfoods and plant-based proteins. Black Ginseng benefits such as:


Experience the Benefits of Korea’s Black Ginseng Now

Have you ever noticed how Koreans glow in beauty and health? After all these years, we have finally
unearthed their long-time secret: Black Ginseng. Black Ginseng is processed ginseng prepared by
steaming and drying red or white ginseng nine times. Experience the wonderful health benefits of this
medicinal plant from our amazing line of Black Ginseng products.

What is Black Ginseng And Benefit of Using It?

A processed form of ginseng called black ginseng is created from white or red ginseng by repeatedly heating and drying them. Nine cycles of steaming and drying are necessary to change the color of black ginseng from black to charcoal brown. 
For more than 3,000 years, it has been taken as a supplement in Korea. 
Fresh red and white ginseng are used to make black ginseng, which is then processed by steam boiling, drying, and storing for three hours at a temperature of 96°C.

There are several ways to use black ginseng to enhance health. Not only is black ginseng good for your physical health, but it’s also good for your mental wellness. 
It gives the immune system the potential energy to combat numerous diseases, and recent research indicates that it lowers the likelihood of developing COVID-19.

Most Common Benefits Of Black Ginseng:
1. Reduce Inflammation, improve Brain 
2. Function improve erectile 
3. Dysfunction boost immune 
4. System benefit against combat cholesterol and Blood sugar